AC System Warning Signs in Chester Springs and Coatesville

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Year after year, and for as long as you’ve owned it, your AC system has worked like a dog during the dog days of summer and throughout the rest of the cooling season.

And what’s its reward for all that effort? Eventually, it will get thrown onto a recycling heap.

Still, keeping you and your family cool and comfortable is what your AC system is all about, and for as long as it’s able to perform up to a reasonable standard?

But what happens when it can’t perform at a level any longer, and how would you even know? Fortunately, there are some very clear warning signs that your AC system might be reaching the end of its run, or at least in need of some prompt and professional troubleshooting. And that’s exactly what you should request if and when you notice any of the following symptoms:

  • The system won’t engage: While this might at first seem ominous, don’t be too quick to rule your system out. Maybe there’s a blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker, or a plug that accidentally got disconnected. The problem could also be with a thermostat.
  • Hot and cold spots throughout your house: If your AC system was correctly designed and installed, then at least at some point it delivered roughly equal amounts of cool air from one room to the next. But things can change over time, especially if your system has not been properly maintained. This is one you might want to get checked out professionally since, maybe, for example, there’s a problem inside your ductwork.
  • Noisy operation: Ah, remember the good ol’ days when your system was first installed and it was whisper quiet? And yet if it’s noisy now, any number of factors could be causing the racket, including a broken fan belt or blade, or air ducts that are alternately contracting and expanding.
  • Sky high utility bills: If you’ve become fearful of opening your electricity bills over the past year or so, chances are you’re postponing the inevitable need to replace your system for a new, high efficiency model. Still, all system problems are worth getting checked out by a reliable HVAC professional as the cause is often much more benign than what you might fear to be the case.

For every known AC system problem, there’s DiBiase Heating & Cooling Company to properly troubleshoot the problem and then recommend one or more action steps to make things right again. So, for professional service from a proven reliable resource, contact us today.