Air Conditioning Maintenance

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Springtime is here and it is again the time for tuning up your air conditioning system. Annual maintenance is important to ensure the air conditioning system is functioning at peak performance and ensures reliability throughout the season.

So what gets completed on an air conditioning tune-up? Unfortunately, not all HVAC companies have the same processes for this service. Our procedures include inspecting the indoor blower components, replacing standard size air filters, testing blower capacitor, inspecting the indoor coil and blower wheel, inspecting the duct system for inefficiencies, tightening all electrical components, inspecting the lineset for leaks, inspecting the lineset for insulation breakdown, cleaning of the outdoor electrical compartment, testing the system compressor windings, cleaning the condensate removal system and condensate pump, cleaning the outdoor coil, measuring the system charge, measuring air temperatures, and performing calculations to determine if the system is running at peak efficiency.

All of our technicians use accurate digital instruments to perform the testing, technicians are NATE and EPA certified, and all information is documented electronically and a copy of the checklist and invoice will be sent via email or can be mailed out.

Right now and until the end of April you can save $40.00 off of the regular price of a tune-up and pay only $89.00 Please give us a call to schedule an appointment at (610) 215-7736.