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A fan is usually used by Air conditioners to circulate conditioned air to buildings, thereby encouraging indoor air quality. Without a fully functional AC, our homes are subjected to incessant heat and general atmospheric discomfort.

Below some of the advantages of an Air Conditioner to a home.

Advantages of an Air Conditioner

The comfort level of a home is increased through an AC. This is extremely important to any head of the family. The need to provide only the best for your family is of paramount importance. Air conditioning is very commonly found in the workplace as well and offers benefits that far outweigh the cost of installation. The work rate and performance of workers improve when they are at ease and comfortable within the working environment. You may even find those sick days seem to be reduced, allowing you to save costs and from a business perspective, that is something that really matters. Using an AC system reduces the risk of infections and allergies and minimizes the medical costs involved. Another health factor that is positively affected is the reduction in the instances of dehydration through excessive perspiration. The body is kept cool, reducing fluid loss overall.

Disadvantages of an AC System

Although there are a lot of benefits of an AC to any home, it should be noted that few disadvantages are attached to the use of AC. The disadvantages are not to discourage us, they only serve as precautions to be aware of.

Disadvantages of AC

The respiratory system can be affected if the AC changes temperature unknowingly, causing bronchial disorders, and shortness of breath. It is easy for air-borne diseases to spread among all occupants in a building because such diseases can easily be conveyed through the circulated air. Your skin may become dry and flaky, as the moisture is removed from the air. The noise produced when the AC is in operation can serve as a disturbance in very quiet locations, however, this should not be an issue if your air conditioner is functioning properly.

Air Conditioner Repair and Maintenance

AC is part of our lives, and very few buildings can do without them nowadays. To avoid deficiency in the performance of our AC system, we must always ensure it is functioning at its best, and at maximum efficiency. Proper maintenance should be carried out and any faults detected should get be repaired before they develop into larger, more costly problems.

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