New, High Efficiency Water Heaters in Delaware County and Exton

If you’re thinking about buying a new water heater but haven't been paying attention to the recent changes to improve their energy efficiency, you’re in for a big surprise, especially if your plans call for a replacement system with greater than 55 gallons of storage capacity.

Under a federal program called NAECA (National Appliance Energy Conservation Act), electric and gas water heaters of that size and larger will no longer be manufactured in the US beginning on April 16, 2015.

Here’s what’s taking their place:

  • Electric hybrid heat pump water heaters – This is the new generation of electric storage tank systems that combines heat pumps and traditional electric water heater technology into a new, more energy-efficient whole. You can expect energy savings of up to 25% over traditional electric water heaters.
  • Gas Condensing Water Heaters – Taller and wider than their predecessors, gas condensing systems use less gas to generate the same amount of hot water, which conserves energy and reduces carbon emissions.

By now you’re probably wondering: “But what if I don’t need a new water heater with 55-gallon+ storage capacity?” While the basic technology remains the same with new style gas and electric water heaters under 55 gallons, the units are both wider and taller as they contain added insulation to meet the new energy efficiency requirements. That, in turn, could pose a bit of a challenge come replacement time, especially if you want the same size water heater but you don’t currently have enough space for it.

And yet, challenges are met to be overcome, and DiBiase Heating &Cooling is just the company to help you obtain exactly the size and type of water heater you and your family need.

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