The Benefits of AC Preventative Maintenance, Even in August

When you think about indoor comfort this time of year, chances are you’re thinking about the air conditioning season is starting to wind down and, as a result, how fall and winter can’t be that far behind.

We’d like to throw one more thought into your thinking cap if you don’t mind. And it’s this: if for any reason you didn’t have preventative maintenance performed on your AC system this spring, better you should schedule it now than wait until next spring.

You see, even here in southeastern Pennsylvania, our home air conditioning system typically starts revving up no later than May and, in many homes, are still cooling things off and getting rid of excess humidity well into October. That’s a lot of time for any machine or system to be running without the TLC that comes with preventative maintenance from DiBiase Heating & Cooling.

Here, we perform a multi-point AC cleaning and inspection process that delivers these very tangible benefits:

  • More productive years of operation
  • Fewer and less costly repairs
  • Lower electricity bills
  • More consistent temperatures from room to room
  • Added safety for your home and family

What can happen in the absence of annual preventative maintenance? Cutting to the chase, your system can develop problems that cause it to fail prematurely while running up some pretty hefty repair bills around the way. A clogged AC filter, for example, can ultimately cause the coil to freeze and, if your system is far enough along in years, that could force you to replace it sooner than expected.

So for your own sake, and that of your budget, contact DiBiase now to schedule preventative maintenance service for any of the following reasons:

  • Service has not yet been performed this year
  • Your system is acting up and you’d like to find out why before things get any worse
  • Humidity levels are noticeably rising indoors
  • You notice an excessive build-up of dust on your furniture and other surfaces

DiBiase Heating & Cooling: the only company you need for your home heating, cooling, indoor air quality, and hot water needs. At your service.

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