4 Benefits of Heating System Preventative Maintenance

Every year, there’s the first time you flip the switch on your home thermostat to turn on your heating system.

Here in Pennsylvania, people approach this rite of passage in three basic ways. The majority, it seems, don’t even give it a second thought: they flip the switch, the heat comes on – as if there were any other possibilities. Then there’s the eternal pessimist type, the one who espouses Murphy’s Law, i.e. when things can go wrong, they probably will. That way, if the heat doesn’t turn on, it’s to be expected. If it does, score one for the good guys.

Finally, we have the person who knows that their heating system is getting up there in years, and probably should have been looked at by a professional during the off-season just to make sure it had at least one more winter in it. This is a pragmatic way of looking at things, not necessarily expecting the best or the worst, just hoping it turns on to perhaps buying a little more time before being forced to deal with a repair problem.

Which one of those profiles most closely matches yours? Well, hold that thought for a minute as we now demonstrate one way where every personality type can approach “turning on the heating system for the first time” with confidence. And that’s with annual preventative maintenance service performed by the very capable heating pros and DiBiase HVAC.

Here are 5 benefits just waiting to be enjoyed by anyone who partakes of our service:

  1. Fewer if any repairs. While no heating system can or will last forever, preventative maintenance means just that: through annual cleanings and inspections, we can prevent most repairs from ever happening.
  1. Longer system lifespan. The better maintained your heating system – just like your car – the longer it’s going to last. Very simple logic.
  1. Lower heating utility costs. By keeping your heating system in top working order, we can also improve its energy efficiency. That, in turn, results in lower utility costs. And since your heating and cooling systems are the top two energy consumers in your home, the energy savings can be substantial.
  1. Greater safety for you and your family. Safety is always “top of mind” during one of our cleanings and inspections. We look for any signs of a gas or carbon monoxide leak. We also tighten all electrical connections as a deterrent against electrical fires.

Okay, so maybe there’s nothing we can do to make you fall in love with winter. But when it comes to turning on your heating system – and keeping it on – we can help you feel a whole lot more confident, one winter season at a time. Why not call today to schedule service for a boost of confidence all your own. (610) 285-1813

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