Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Here in the Philadelphia area, winter’s wrath is often felt. Sub-freezing temperatures, Nor’easters that force road and school closures, and icicles hanging from your gutters and roof – have we cheered you up yet?

Well, hopefully, we’re about to. You see, if you take certain steps now to prepare your home for what lies ahead, winter might still be winter, but you’ll be less adversely affected by it. And that seems like a pretty worthwhile goal.
So from our house to yours, here are some fall home maintenance tips that are sure to come in handy:

  • Unless you have leaf guards on your gutters, cleaning them out after all the leaves have fallen should be a high priority of yours. That will help prevent ice dams which, in turn, can cause damage to your roof and allow water to get inside your home or attic, thus causing even more damage. While you’re at it, make sure your downspouts are dispersing water freely and at a safe distance from your foundation.
  • Fall is also a great time to see driveway cracks to prevent water from entering, then freezing and expanding which will result in even more damage.
  • If warm or cool air is escaping your home, this is the perfect time to find out. One way to do that is to examine window caulking and the weather stripping around your doors for gaps or cracks. By making necessary repairs now, you’ll be helping to keep the warm air in, and frigid cold air out.
  • If you have water pipes in your garage, crawl spaces, up against outside walls, or in any other unheated space, it’s a good idea to wrap them with insulation to prevent freezing, cracking, and associated water damage.

And what about your home heating system: is it up to the challenges of another mid-Atlantic winter? The best to be sure is to contact DiBiase Heating & Cooling Company for our preventative maintenance service. We’ll thoroughly clean and inspect your system to make sure it’s in the best working shape possible for your family’s added comfort and safety. Click here to learn more or call to schedule service now.