Effects of Low Humidity During Winter Months

Winter is around the corner again and it brings with it dry, itchy skin and chapped lips. During the cold months, there is not much humidity within our homes and it is this lack of moisture that really worsens the effects of these once small niggles. If you are looking for a furnace repair service in Exton, PA we are here to help!

Most homes during the cold, icy months, make use of heating systems to keep the temperature at a level that is comfortable for you and your family. What we often don’t realize is that using these kinds of systems on such a regular basis, causes the heated air to expand and take up more space than usual.

What’s the problem with low humidity?

Warm, dry air is not the greatest thing for the health of your family and neither is icy cold air coming from outside. The lack of humidity makes your loved ones and yourself more prone to sore throats, itchy skin, and even often poses a difficulty in breathing.

It is not only your family who is affected by the constant heating and cooling of the air within your home, but the building structure itself also is subject to expansion and contraction and this could result in major loss or damage to your property and could end up costing you a small fortune to remedy.

The trick to successfully using your heating system to maintain your home at a temperature that is both comfortable and healthy is to replace moisture back into the air. Maintaining a steady humidity level in the air within your home will help you to reduce costs of utilities, which can become exorbitant if your system is straining to keep the air warm. Your family will feel more comfortable even if the temperature is slightly lower if the humidity content in your home is correct.

What Can You Do To Prevent This?

Save your family and yourself from illness, discomfort, and extremely costly utility bills by installing a whole-home humidification system today. Yes, the outlay may cost a few dimes but in the long term, you will make that money back through fewer medical bills, lower utilities, and prevention of possible costly damages to the structure of your home.

DiBiase is the supplier you want on your side when humidity levels are dropping. We are able to successfully install an Aprilaire Bypass Type Humidifier Model 600M, for the low, promotional price of $699. This price includes installation and it’s definitely a deal that you don’t want to miss. If you really had to put a price tag on comfort, health, and security, this price would beat the odds hands down.

DiBiase, the trusted name in heating, cooling, and humidification. We are the furnace repair service Exton, PA you can trust. We know the value of family comfort and we understand that your home is your palace! Allow us to assist you in protecting your assets in the best possible way today at (610) 285-1813

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