The Benefits of Oil to Gas Conversion

If you have oil heat, chances are you’ve given at least some thought to converting to a natural gas boiler or furnace.

But if you’re not yet convinced it’s the right thing to do, well, perhaps the benefits of making that change haven’t been fully explained to you.

Well, for starters, consider the following benefits of oil to gas conversion:

  • Lessens our dependency on foreign sources of oil
  • Natural gas contains about 30% less carbon monoxide than heating and contains no mercury, and that’s good news for the environment
  • Natural gas is available in abundance, unlike crude oil, and that makes gas less prone to pricing unpredictability

That’s the environmental side of the equation.  Now let’s see if converting from oil to gas heat makes economic sense:

  • Many local utility companies offer rebates of up to $400 to help offset the expense of your conversion
  • That’s in addition to any other rebates you may be eligible for
  • It simply costs less to heat your home with natural gas
  • The money you save, in combination with available rebates, can pay for your new system in as little as a few years

Does your street have an underground gas main?  If so, you’re eligible for heating system oil to gas conversion, even if you don’t already have gas connected to your home.  For answers to all your questions and a free in-home consultation and new system quote, contact DiBiase Heating & Air today.

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