Get Your Family Happy this Spring with 5 These Easy Steps

Looking for some fun ways to spend more time with the family and really enjoy the spring weather coming up? With the weather starting to warm up for spring, Dibiase Heating and Cooling Company have some ideas that will freshen your home and get everyone in the mood for fun. We’re your source for air conditioning in Phoenixville, PA and we care about our friends and neighbors. Here are some of our favorite ideas.

  1. Spring is the season for many of the kid's sports to start again. From softball, baseball, to soccer, you and your child are likely to spend a lot of time outdoors. Kids can easily overheat and get dehydrated when they exert themselves over long periods. Plan a fun family cool-off for at home. Make a pitcher of lemonade before leaving for the game and keep it in the fridge. Slice up some strawberries, peaches, and wash some berries. Place each in a small bowl with a spoon. After a game or practice, set these dishes and the lemonade on the counter with
  2. glasses of ice. Everyone can customize their own fruity lemonade by adding a few spoonfuls of the fruits. It’s a fun activity and a great way to get your child’s thirst quenched quickly.
    Gear up for the heat indoors. Make sure your AC is ready to perform by doing a test run while the weather is still in the 50s and 60s. Go to the hardware store to get new filters. Start changing them more frequently to adapt to the season’s increased pollen. Schedule a seasonal maintenance appointment for air conditioning in Phoenixville, PA.
  3. Make rooms shine with spring freshness. Foldaway heavy woolen blankets and wash all bedroom linens. Dust curtains and blinds and wash windows with a vinegar-water solution. Make beds with brightly colored, lightweight kinds of cotton to set a fresh springtime mood.
  4. Plan some family gardening. Taking on a few small gardening projects with the kids is a good way to get them involved in family tasks and give them some decision-making power. Take them to the flower and gardening shop and let them pick out some spring annuals to plant around the front door. Not only will your home get a colorful burst with the new plants, but you and your child will spend some quality time together. Look for a pair of children-sized gardening gloves to help them feel like a gardening pro. If your child enjoys this small project, consider making a backyard vegetable garden by building a box plot and lining it with vegetable starts.
  5. Set a welcoming tone with your front door and entry. It’s time to toss out your weathered welcome mat and get something sturdy for out front. Also, if your entry is missing a rug or needs a replacement one, get something both bright and washable. You’ll send guests a welcoming message on entry and you’ll get the advantage of catching more dirt from their shoes with both a front door mat and an entry rug. Bonus: being able to throw it in the wash every week or two will keep it clean.

We’re ready to help you be ready for a warm, healthy spring with all your air conditioning needs at Dibiase Heating and Cooling Company. Give us a call today to make your appointment at (610) 285-1813.

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