Keep Your Home Cool In The Summer: Telling When Your AC Is On The Fritz

Determining whether or not an air conditioning unit is in need of repairs is relatively easy. The problem comes in with homeowners who are not sure if they are having a problem due to the system functioning intermittently...

This is why it is essential to not only ensure regular maintenance check-ups on your AC unit – once or twice a year but also to keep your eyes and ears open for any symptoms of a sick air conditioning unit. We have included a few common symptoms that an air conditioning unit is on the fritz in the list below.

Your Home Is Still Stagnantly Hot

“Can someone put the air conditioning on?”…”It’s already on full-blast” – if you ever find yourself having this conversation then it may be time to get air conditioning unit service technicians in to have a look. Lack of cool airflow could be a sign of a compressor problem and is in need of some loving to get back to keeping your home cool and refreshing.

Strange Liquid Where There Should Be None

Moisture leakages can either be a small problem or a really large problem that needs to be rectified immediately. The larger problem comes in the form of Refrigerant liquid leakages.

If your air conditioning unit is suffering from this form of leakage it is essential to get an Air Conditioning Repair company in West Chester PA to come in and rectify the cause of the leakage as it can easily escalate from a small repair to a compressor replacement or system replacement.

The other possible leakage comes in the form of water pooling adjacent to your air conditioner infrastructure. This is a sign that the drain tube responsible for disposing of air conditioner condensation has gotten blocked. This can cause real problems if the air handler is located in the attic space where damage to drywall and the building structure is possible. This can also turn into a problem with mold growth and cause health problems for the occupants of the home.

The Problems With Your AC Unit Is Not On The List How Can You Rectify Them

These are just a few of the most common reasons why repair services are called in to fix up a cooling unit. If you believe that there is something wrong with your AC unit yet the problems you are enduring are not on the list simply call us at (610) 285-1813.

Better yet if you are on the search for a trustworthy Air Conditioning repair in West Chester PA why not get Dibiase Heating & Cooling Company’s certified and well-versed staff to come satisfy all your cooling needs.

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