3 Ways Professional AC Servicing Will Save You Time and Money

Servicing your AC is one of those chores that many of our customers never seem to get around to. In theory, it seems like it’d be pretty simple and then you realize you don’t know what you’re doing! It’s probably not that important if you’re air conditioner is running ok at the minute, right?! Well, we hate to be the bearers of bad news but the longer you go without getting a professional air conditioner service in Coatesville, PA the more likely it is something is going to go awry cause you problems. To help you see the benefits of proper maintenance and regular servicing we’ve broken it down into 3 key points that explain how and why you should leave this task to the professionals!

Save Money

One of the biggest factors when it comes to looking after your air system is money. Many people think that paying for a service is a waste of money until they back with hindsight when they’re paying out more for urgent repairs or heaven forbid of a whole new unit because they’ve let theirs fall into disarray (groan), we feel your pain, especially when it’s so easily avoidable! Using our air conditioning service in Coatesville, PA will give you an annual maintenance plan that is on average 15% cheaper than calling us out to do a one-time maintenance check for you. All our deals come with additional discounts on parts, labor, and membership bonuses like priority booking and emergency call-out cover – we want to make sure your air conditioner offers you long-term comfort at a price you can afford with flexible payment options.

Efficiency and Performance

It goes without saying that if you hire the right help to keep your air conditioner ticking along nicely, you’ll reap the rewards. For example, ignoring general maintenance alone makes your system 5-8% less efficient every year, so in 5 years you’d be losing 25% of your AC’s function and power and that’s not cool at all! As you can imagine this wreaks havoc on your energy bills which can be reduced by up to 15% annually when you call in the experts. This is all before we factor in the increasing frequency of repairs and running issues. There’s no point paying for something that doesn’t do the job. If this was any other kind of electrical device in your home, you’d want a refund so don’t settle for less and let your cash slip through the gaps.

Spring Is The Best Time Of Year To Get A Service

At the very least you should get your air conditioner service in Coatesville, PA once a year, and now is the best time to do it. Why? Well, even if you haven’t used your AC much over the winter it’s still going to have accumulated a bit of wear and tear. It’s also important to check conditioner wasn’t affected by the stormy spring weather with debris and water damage being common complaints that can prove costly if left untreated. There’s also nothing more annoying than not taking the time to tune your AC now to find that it needs, servicing. Put your mind at ease and head into summer with a cool head!

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