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Duct Work Services in Downingtown, Exton & Chester Springs, PA and the Surrounding Areas

Your ducts have one job: Deliver warm or cool air in equal measure throughout your home. However, many things can interfere with that seemingly simple task. That’s why DiBiase Heating & Cooling provides comprehensive ductwork services to keep you comfortable.

Common Duct Problems

Your ducts are just long tubes of flexible plastic or galvanized steel, so what could possibly go wrong? Several things, actually:

Leaks: The average home loses 20 to 40 percent of the warm or cool air your HVAC manufactures through disconnected joints and holes along the ductwork. In other words, you’re paying good money to heat or cool your attic or basement. Our team of specialists can seal your ducts to dramatically improve your comfort and lower your energy bill.

Twists, kinks and sharp bends: Flex duct should be supported by straps spaced at least every four feet along each run. If they’re spaced too far apart, or if one becomes undone, a branch of duct can have deep bends, restricting airflow. We can inspect your ducts to ensure there is no sagging, pinching or compression.

Uninsulated: The attic is the hottest space in the house. Without insulation, heat can compromise the cool air traveling through your ducts. That means your conditioned air will come out of the registers several degrees warmer than you’d like. Likewise, a cold attic can sap air of heat energy as it courses through the ducts.

Dirt: Dust clings to the damp interior of your ducts and accumulates. Over time, this thick buildup restricts airflow and compromises your air quality. We use specialized equipment to reach deep within your ducts and gently sweep away dirt and debris.

Improperly designed: Maybe your ducts were installed incorrectly. Oversized or undersized ducts can dramatically impact your comfort and your monthly heating and cooling costs. We’ll evaluate your ductwork to determine if any alterations are necessary.

Poorly Sealed Registers: You should have an airtight seal between your registers and your ducts. Otherwise, conditioned air is wasted. You’ll be less comfortable while your furnace or A/C works harder to reach your thermostat’s setpoint.

Dibiase Delivers Duct Solutions

Does your home have uneven temperatures? Is it excessively dusty? Do you have one room that’s always hot or cold? Whatever the problem may be, DiBiase Heating & Cooling has the equipment and expertise to accurately diagnose the condition of your ducts and provide a cost-effective solution. That means ducts that deliver air efficiently to every square foot of your living spaces.

Our duct services include:

  • Duct Planning and Design
  • Ductwork Replacement
  • Ductwork Repair
  • Ductwork Installation
  • Duct Repair
  • Duct Replacement
  • Duct Sealing
  • Commercial Duct Cleaning

You won’t regret working with us! Our technicians hold certifications from the industry’s most prestigious organizations: NATE and BPI. That means they know their trade and provide quality customer service. Of course, they’re also licensed, insured and drug-free. And each of our technicians pass a rigorous background check.

Let’s get those ducts straightened out!

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