New & Replacement Water Heaters in Downingtown, PA

New & Replacement Water Heaters in Downingtown, Exton & Chester Springs, PA and the Surrounding Areas

A Whole New Era is Dawning in Water Heater Design and Energy Efficiency.

Water heater installation, service, and repairs have long been part of our service offerings.

But never before have we witnessed the kind of sweeping changes in water heater design now unfolding as the result of a federal government program called NAECA (National Appliance Energy Conservation Act.)Replacement Water Heaters

Here’s what the changes that take effect on April 16, 2015, mean to you:

  • Storage tank gas and electric water heaters under 55 gallons will be more energy efficient than their predecessors and about 2” taller and wider”.
  • Conventional storage tank water heaters over 55 gallons will no longer be manufactured. Gas condensing water heaters are replacing conventional gas systems, and electric hybrid heat pump water heaters are replacing electric water heater systems.

Hot Water Heater Installation Downingtown

As a result of the NAECA changes, DiBiase now offers you these options for new and replacement water heaters:Replacement Water Heaters

  • High-efficiency gas and electric storage tank water heaters under 55 gallons in capacity.
  • Gas condensing water heaters.
  • Electric hybrid heat pump water heaters.
  • Tankless water heaters.

Not only do you have more choices than ever before, but different choices than what you’re accustomed to. Contact DiBiase Heating & Cooling today for a clear and full explanation of your options, along with a new system quote.

Home Water Heater Service Downingtown, PA | Home Water Heater Repairs Downingtown

At DiBiase, we service and repair all makes and models of water heaters…and yes, even your conventional style gas or electric water heater.

Just because conventional gas and electric storage tank systems won’t be made or sold in the US after 4/16/15, they’re not all of a sudden going to disappear. Yours included…especially if you recently bought a new system before the NAECA regulations took effect.

Bottom line, if you’re not getting the amount and consistent flow of hot water you need for your family, day in and day out, contact DiBiase now for:

  • Prompt and accurate troubleshooting
  • Guaranteed upfront price quote
  • Warranty on parts and labor
  • Your satisfaction guaranteed

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