East Fallowfield Township PA Heating Air Conditioning Service Repair

DiBiase provides air conditioning, heating and water heater services to the residents of East Fallowfield Township, PA and the surrounding areas for years. They are a top-rated business who puts your comfort first!!


  • What is done during HVAC maintenance? 

    HVAC maintenance generally includes: An inspection of your entire internal and external unit. Cleaning or replacing of air filters. Checks for any refrigerant leaks. Regular HVAC maintenance is a good way to ensure your system runs smoothly all year, as well as helps to ensure you do not run into any unexpected problems. To learn more about our HVAC maintenance plan, give us a call!

  • How much does it cost to get HVAC inspected in East Fallowfield?

    On average, it costs around $200-$350 to get your HVAC inspected. Some factors that might cause the price to vary are: The size of your home. Contractor fees. If any repairs are required. If an HVAC service technician finds an issue that needs to be repaired during their inspection, you should ensure that you get it fixed, as leaving an issue can allow it to become worse over time. To speak to one of our experienced technicians getting your HVAC inspected, contact us today.

  • How much does it cost to replace an old HVAC system?

    It costs around $2,000-$6,000 to replace an old HVAC system. Some things that may affect the overall price are: The size and type of unit you want installed. The size of the home you plan to heat and cool. The price to remove your old unit and install the new unit. If new duct work needs to be installed. When considering replacing your old HVAC system, you should also consider whether your air ducts should also be replaced. If your air ducts are as old as your HVAC system, getting them replaced at the same time will ensure that your new system is able to run more efficiently. Call DiBiase Heating & Cooling to find out more about replacing your HVAC system!

  • Should East Fallowfield Township water heaters be serviced?

    Yes! A draining and pumping of your water heater tank ensures that it works as efficiently as it can when it heats your water. It is also good to have your whole water heater inspected to check for any faulty wiring, pipes or components. Your water heater should be serviced at least twice a year in locations with hard water, such as Pennsylvania. They should be serviced at least once a year in other areas where mineral build up is not as severe. Schedule an appointment today to get your water heater serviced!

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