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  • Why is my Pottstown home’s central AC not blowing cold air?

    Your central AC may not be blowing cold air because: 

    - Your thermostat is set to ON not AUTO.  
    - You have dirty or clogged air filters.  
    - There is a broken fan in your external unit.  
    - Your AC unit has low refrigerant levels or a refrigerant leak.  

    It isn't fun when your central AC stops blowing cold air when it is supposed to. To get your system back to working order, give us a call today!

  • How much does an HVAC tune up cost?

    It typically costs around $100-$300 for an HVAC tune up depending on if it is a general cleaning of your unit or a more extensive tune up that requires replacing parts. For instance, if you need a new fan motor, it can cost between $100-$700 to have that replaced. Contact us today to learn more about our HVAC tune up services.

  • Why does my water heater keep blowing fuses?

    The water heater in your Pottstown, PA home may keep blowing fuses because: 

    - The thermostat is not working properly.  
    - The high limit switch is broken.  
    - There is a loose wire.  

    This problem is difficult to self-diagnose and generally requires the expertise of a technician to find the issue that is causing your water heater to keep blowing fuses. To get assistance with this issue, schedule an appointment with Dibiase Heating & Cooling Company.

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