4 Benefits of a Whole-House Humidifier

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When winter finally gets here, most of us are happy just to have a heating system that works. Too cold outside? No worries, because it’s toasty warm indoors.

The problem is, “toasty warm” isn’t just a nice metaphor, it’s actually a pretty accurate description of climate conditions inside most homes during the winter months. You see, unless you do something with toast, it’s as dry as it can be. And so is the winter air inside your home.

But now you CAN do something about it with a whole-house humidifier from DiBiase Heating & Cooling Company. We can install one as an attachment to your furnace; that way, while the furnace is running, the humidifier is mixing in the right amount of moisture to help you feel not just warm, but completely comfortable.

Here are 4 benefits of having a whole-house humidifier:

  1. Your overall health will improve. When the air is overly dry, you’re more prone to experience dry and flaky skin, bloody noses, static electricity, not to mention bigger problems with your allergies or asthma. With added moisture in the air, you can set those concerns aside.
  2. Your utility costs will be lower. Just as you feel hotter in the summer when the humidity is high, you’ll feel just as warm at lower thermostat settings while simultaneously running your whole-house humidifier. And that helps keep your utility costs down.
  3. You will protect your wood floors and furniture. Dry indoor air sucks the moisture right of all wooden objects and can actually warp and ruin some of them, like musical instruments, if the problem goes unchecked. A whole-house humidifier helps protect your doors, floors, furniture, and more.
  4. You have total control of the humidity levels. Whole-house humidifiers come with the humidifier version of a thermostat, where you can raise or lower humidity levels at will. Most experts agree, however, that the ideal level of relative humidity is between 30% and 40%.

The moral of this story? Being wonderfully warm doesn’t mean having to be miserably dry indoors inside your home this or any other winter. To learn more about what a whole-house humidifier can do for you, or to schedule installation, contact DiBiase today!