About Us

DiBiase: Just What the Doctor Ordered.

In 2008, we had an idea to provide heating and cooling services combined with our knowledge of home performance and building science. We adopted our beloved frog mascot to symbolize that we care about the environment, and the planet we live on. In the beginning we were working out of our home office and garage. Through the years we evolved into a team of professionals whose goal is to provide the customer with an experience like no other. We do this by providing the fastest service, ongoing training for our team, and listening to what our customers are saying and needing so we we can be the best mechanical service company in the area.

Culture Begins With People

We hire for character here at DiBiase Heating and Cooling Company, and we do not waiver in our selection regardless of someone's experience. We are a team. A team that sticks together when things are good, and when things are tough. We need to be positive, career oriented professionals that always do the right thing regardless of how difficult it is. Our team is composed of individuals that enjoy helping one another, enjoy what they are doing, and are always looking to learn more.

We know that there are things that happen at home, and things that happen at work, that can change a person's personality almost instantly. We have a very open communication policy here. We have a lot of experience not only in the technical parts of life, but also in the everyday parts of life. Let us know how we can help if something comes up. You can talk to anyone in management confidentially. We are here to support our team.

Our Vision and Missions

Our vision represents how we see our company's future. This is the end goal that management and employees work towards each day - a goal that ensures a solid presence in our community.

Our vision is to create an organization that will grow organically due to the people and processes that are put in place. We hire for character and create systems for our people so they can be developed and grow as the company grows.

Our vision is to build systems that will last. We know there are always opportunities to improve, and we value employee feedback to help build something that will be here for many years to come. We all work together as a team.

Our company mission is what we do each day to move us closer to our vision.

We have several missions that we must live by in order to create clarity with our team and keep our customers happy.

Our missions are:

  • "to create a positive experience our customers will remember through use of communication, technology, and processes."
  • "to create the ultimate work environment, with professionals who enjoy each others company at work at outside of work"
  • "to live each day as conscious members of society, to help those in need, and be involved in our communities"
  • "to work hard and create opportunities each day through the challenges that arise so we can be better as a team"
  • "to measure and track performance in all aspects of the business and set benchmarks and goals for each department so we can always improve"
  • " to manage the business through understanding and knowledge to make the best logical decisions possible to maximize efficiency"

Core Values

the fundamental beliefs of our organization
  • Quality

    This is shown in all that we do. The customer experience starts when a customer searches for us on the internet, when they call us and the phone is answered, and when the work is completed in the field. Technicians take pride in their work and the company allows the time necessary to ensure it meets our standards.

  • Honesty

    Honesty and integrity go hand in hand. We have open lines of communication between all company employees. We are honest with our customers, our employees, and each other.

  • Integrity

    We do what we say we are going to do even when no one is looking. We have many stories of how we did the right thing when it would have been much easier or saved us money if we have taken a shortcut.

  • Consciousness

    Consciousness is awareness of your actions in real time. This takes focus and attention but is well worth the effort.

  • Accountability

    Sometimes taking accountability can be difficult, especially if it means we are in the wrong and we are impacting our ego. Taking ownership and responsibility for our actions is the first step in improving to become better. You cannot improve if you cannot be accountable for your actions.

  • Knowledge

    Knowledge is power some say. If we are always learning and improving we will be the best in all areas of our lives, personal and professional. We invest in training and tools and hire only those who want to continuously strive to be better.

HVAC Resources Center

Our convenient HVAC Resource Center can help you get started on your next service.
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