Make Today a Green Laundry Day.

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Washing your laundry the new-fashioned way can take its toll on you, the environment, and your wallet. For starters, washing machines use large amounts of water and energy. In fact, if you have an electric water heater, it’s likely the second biggest energy user in your home, and your washing machine is a big part of the reason why.

So if you’re looking for yet another way to conserve energy along with natural resources, here are some green laundry tips you can put into practice right away:

Bring back the clothesline. Hang your clothes outside on a line, weather permitting, or indoors on a drying rack.

Wear clothes more than once. Not everything needs to be washed after just one wearing, so don’t be quite as quick to toss all your garments in the laundry basket.

Coldwater rinsing. Energy Star states that nearly 90% of the energy it takes to machine wash your clothes is used to heat the water. By rinsing your clothes in cold water, you’ll make a substantial dent in total energy consumption.

Only wash full loads. Filling up your washing machine with water requires energy, and energy is wasted every time you wash less than a full load of clothes.

Clean the dryer lint filter after every load. A lint-free filter improves air circulation and quickens drying time.

Check your dryer exhaust. If your exhaust vent isn’t closed tightly, outside air will infiltrate and force your dryer to work harder, thus consuming more energy.

Upgrade your washer and dryer. Just as one example, an Energy Star washing machine can reduce water usage by up to 14 gallons per load. So when it’s time to replace, read the labels.

As we’ve hinted at throughout this blog, your washing machine works hand in hand with your water heater come laundry day. So it makes sense to ensure that your water heater is also in sound working order. If you have any reason to think otherwise, contact DiBiase Heating & Cooling today to request our water heater inspection service. If there’s a problem with it, we’ll find it and give you a guaranteed upfront price before making the repair. A well-maintained water heater also helps ensure your family’s added safety.