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Programmable Thermostats in Downingtown, PA

Programmable Thermostats & Zoning Control in Downingtown, Exton, Chester Spring, PA, and Surrounding Areas

How to Keep Your Comfort Levels up, and the Energy Costs Down.

At DiBiase, we place a strong emphasis on home comfort systems, and not just their individual components. For example, even the best heating or cooling systems can’t give you the energy savings you really need all by themselves. They need help from other system components, like programmable thermostats, and a company (DiBiase!) that knows how to make them all work in tandem.

Programmable Thermostat For Temperature Control In Entrance

Here are two good examples of what we mean.

Programmable Thermostats Downingtown | Wi-Fi Friendly Programmable Thermostats Downingtown

Programmable thermostat technology has come a long way even in just the past few years. Today, for example, there are several models available that are Wi-Fi friendly, meaning you can change temperature and related settings no matter where you are, so long as you have Wi-Fi access. Also, today’s thermostats have advanced fan control features while providing better system run-time information.

Automatically Adjusting Thermostat

Let’s say, for example, you were planning to be home by 5 PM, and you had your thermostat already programmed to switch from 62 to 70 degrees so your home would be nice and warm by the time you arrive. Then, all of a sudden, your plans change and you know you won’t be home at least until 6. With the right thermostat, you can adjust your settings right then and there to further increase your energy savings.

Whole-House Zone Control Downingtown | Home Zone Control Downingtown

Another great way to reduce your energy costs – and enjoy optimal comfort – is with whole-house zoning control, especially if your entire house operates on just a single thermostat and zone right now. The more control you have per zone, the more money and energy you can save by warming up or cooling off only those rooms or areas that really need to be, and always at exactly the right time of day. And that further means optimal comfort throughout your home, and all at reduced energy costs.